Family Members of Released Hostages Won’t Stop Advocating Until EVERY.SINGLE.HOSTAGE. Is Brought Home

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30 Nov 2023

The Orthodox Union was privileged to host Dafna, Ayelet, and Or Sella at its headquarters this week and hear about what their family has gone through over the last seven weeks.

The Sella Family had nine relatives held in Gaza. On November 25th, six of their relatives returned home including: three children ages 3, 8, and 12 and both of their mothers and their cousin Shoshan. They remain focused on bringing home ALL remaining hostages including their cousin Tal, father of the 3 recently released. Their cousins Judith and Natalie Ranaan were the first hostages released by Hamas.

Instead of reuniting with their family members who have returned home, the Sellas are here in the US advocating for the release of every single hostage.

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