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Maybe you couldn’t make it to the OU’s One-Day Conference on Jewish Life. Even if you did attend, you still had to choose from among many concurrently-scheduled discussions. Now you can see and hear what you missed. The day’s programming is now online as The One-Day Virtual Conference. Experience it all here.


Torah, Torah, Torah

In the past month, OU Torah has launched many new series. In the past few weeks, we’ve had occasion to tell you about Mishna YomitRabbi Daniel Korobkin on Kuzari, and Rabbi Azarya Berzon on the Yahrtzeit Shiurim of the Rav. This past week, OU Torah launched yet another two new series. First, we have Kodshim Chaburah by Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, director of the OU’s WINGS program. We also have Tzarich Iyun: Things We Thought We Knew by Rabbi Dr. Ari Zivotofsky, whose popular column “Legal-Ease” appears regularly in Jewish Action. OU Torah Content Editor Rabbi Jack Abramowitz tells me that more new series are on the way! Check out these and more at ou.org/torah.