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Eating Well in a Stressful World

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

Participants will learn: How stress affects your health, and what foods to eat to build your immune system. Simple food swaps to eat healthier without sacrificing taste. How to eat healthy while working from home. Presented by: Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Register below for the pre- […]


On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

Join us to learn all about: Statistics about hearing loss After-effect of hearing loss Why it is important to address this problem in the aging population? Which factors “meaning illnesses”will increase the disability of hearing loss? Physical and psychological problems within a person Audiological intervention Treatment methods Presented by: Dr. Jihan Abdelrasoul, Au.D Dr. Jihan Abdelrasoul […]

Join Us for a Webinar with Withum about the Employee Retention Tax Credit!

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

Make the most out of the Employee Retention Tax Credit! This IRS refundable credit is available to a wide variety of institutions and businesses across our community with the potential for significant tax savings. Please join us even if you think your institution may not qualify. Learn how with Withum during our live virtual event […]

Behind the Scenes: How the OU has Spearheaded the Preservation of the Mesorah of Kosher Birds

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

This presentation will feature an overview of how kosher birds are identified as well as a live presentation of birds that were historically considered to be kosher and what was done to preserve their tradition of permissibility. The presentation will include rare and exotic pigeons, geese, and chicken as well as various species of quail […]

Because Everybody Belongs–Ensuring That Individuals with Special Needs Are Included

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

The Torah teaches that every Jew is created B'Tzelem Elokim, in Hashem's image and must be an accepted part of the synagogue, school, and greater community. But are we as Klal Yisrael successful in accomplishing this goal? Do our children and adults with special needs truly feel accepted by their fellow Jews? When they walk […]

The 21st Century College Campus–Will Your Grandchildren Be Safe?

With new currents in progressive thought, rising anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment and activity, and a very permissive and liberal culture and social framework that is in conflict with Shmirat Mitzvot and Torah values the secular college campus provides a very challenging environment for Orthodox students. Rabbi Ilan Haber, who for the past 18 years has […]

“Not the Time to be Silent: How to Advocate for Your Loved One or Yourself”

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

Hear the story of how one family’s advocacy saved a wife, Mom and Bubby after a stroke, and how to advocate for your loved ones or yourself. Presented by: Mimi Jankovits and Maya Joyandeh Mimi Jankovits is the National Director of Grassroots for Teach Coalition, a project of the OU.  After her Mom had a […]

The One Thing You Can’t Get Rid Of, By Losing It: Moshe Rabeinu and the Challenge of Anger Management

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

  Managing a large, diverse, growing international, multi-dimensional organization in the Covid era poses unprecedented challenges, perhaps only ever seen before… in every home with a parent and a child. Join us for an engaging Torah-source based class on anger management and the opportunity it may offer. Presented by: Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph, Executive Vice […]

How Do I Know? Eliminating Stigma and Saving Lives

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY, NY

  How do I know if a loved one is struggling with substance use or addiction, and what can I do about it? How can I offer support to that person or my extended family? What should I do (or not do) when dealing with addiction? How do I know if I am struggling with […]