Daily Dvar: 30 Minutes to Nourish Your Soul



Perek on a Pod Chapter 5: Numbers, Names and Needs presented by Rabbi Avi Heller

Rabbi Heller is the OU’s Regional Director for Synagogues in NJ and Rockland County and east side director for the Manhattan Jewish Experience. He earned a BA from BU, an MA from Revel and semicha from RIETS.


Sefirat HaOmer: Journey into the Human Psyche presented by Ms. Ariella Azaraf

Ms. Azaraf, LCSW, is the middle school social worker at Manhattan Day School and has a private practice in NYC, where she specializes in anxiety and depression in young professionals. She also teaches at Meor Manhattan, where she connects Jewish spirituality and psychology.



Dovid and Rus – Ancestral Reflections presented by Mrs. Aviva Orlian

Mrs. Orlian earned her BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Towson State and her MS in Speech-Language Pathology from Brooklyn College. She is a practicing speech-language pathologist. Mrs. Orlian has taught women for the past 20 years, locally and nationally, including for the OU Women’s Initiative Simchat Torah and Counting Toward Sinai programs.



5 To Go: 5 New Divrei Torah for Parshat Bamidbar presented by Rabbi Andrew Markowitz

Rabbi Markowitz is the new senior rabbi of Congregation Shomrei Torah in Fairlawn, NJ, and a rebbe at Naaleh High School



Perek on a Pod Chapter 3: Messages of Morality presented by Rabbi Michael Davies

Rabbi Davies is the first Rabbi of Congregation Dor Tikvah in Charleston, South Carolina, an exciting start-up congregation in one of the oldest Jewish communities in the country. He received his Bachelors in accounting from YU and semichah from RIETS.


Ahavas Olam – On The Road To Har Sinai presented by Rabbi Reuven Boshnack

Rabbi Boshnack co-directs, with his wife, Shira, OU-JLIC at Brooklyn College. He received his semicha from RIETS, a Masters in Education from Azrieli and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Touro College. He is the author of Pathways of the Heart: Opening the Teachings of the House of Ishbitz.


From the Foothills of Sinai to the Plains of Moav: Living A Committed Torah Life presented by Mrs. Michal Horowitz

Mrs. Horowitz offers weekly shiurim in Five Towns, NY, and the greater NY area. She is a featured speaker for YU’s Midreshet Yom Rishon, at the RIETS Shavuos program and for the OU Speakers Bureau. She is also a frequent guest lecturer in schools and communities nationally and internationally.


Behar-Bechukotai: Right Time, Right Place – The Convergence of Holiness, presented by Rabbi Gelman
Rabbi Gelman is Rabbi of United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston.

Perek on a Pod Chapter 2: A Deeper Examination of Rabbinic Leadership and Responsibility presented by Rabbi Zev Goldberg

Rabbi Goldberg leads the Young Israel of Fort Lee and is the Vice President of the RCBC. He spends his afternoons teaching at Bruriah High School for Girls, where he serves as the Chair of the Torah Sh’bal Peh Department. On Fridays, Rabbi Goldberg teaches Semikha students at Yeshiva University.



Lag Baomer: Using Rashbi’s Teaching to Fire Up Our Prayers presented by Rabbi Chaim Marcus

Rabbi Marcus has led Congregation Israel in Springfield, NJ since 2002. Descended from a long line of rabbis, he earned a BA in economics from YU smicha from RIETS. He also teaches Judaic Studies at Bruriah High School and is a popular speaker across the US.

Completing the Book of Melachim Aleph with Mrs. Lynn Kraft

Mrs. Lynn Kraft is director of NILI: Chicago Institute of Women’s Learning and a kallah teacher in Chicago. She is Tanach Department Chair and Israel Guidance Counselor at Ida Crown. She earned her BA in Judaic Studies and Psychology from Stern and her MA in Bible from Revel.