Confusing the Victim with the Perpetrator

Jewish Action Article – Summer 2012

Tiny little Israel. Such a small and inconsequential piece of land should logically be ignored and forgotten. She is content to be the small Jewish homeland that welcomes and absorbs people of all faiths. She does not seek the world’s attention; she seeks the world’s persecuted and broken and offers assistance and refuge. She does not ask for special treatment, but democratically asks for and grants rights, privileges and freedom to all of her citizens. Her one claim to fame is the disproportionate share she contributes to the intellectual, scientific and cultural advancements of the world. But she doesn’t want fanfare. All she wants is to live in peace with her neighbors. Yet time and time again, tiny little Israel is viewed front and center stage as an aggressor, an oppressor, an antagonist and the source of all the evil that is happening in the Middle East and beyond. Terror attacks, boycotts, divestments, sanctions, hate conferences and countless UN resolutions have all been aimed at Israel, punishment for her “crime” of survival. The international community seems to thrive on making her government, her occupation, her military maneuvers, her self defense and her pre-emptive strikes the problem. But here’s the problem…

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