Celebrate Israel Parade – There’s an OU for You

Nearly 500 OU lay leaders, staffers, OU shul members, a huge Yachad contingent, NCSYers and more jubilantly marched up Fifth Avenue in New York in last Sunday’s Celebrate Israel Parade. Leading the OU group was an immense billboard on a truck, with the slogan “There’s an OU for YOU”, and featuring the OU’s three pillars of engagement: Community, NextGen and Israel.    

Thanks to the creative and organizing team – led by Malka Braun and Carrie Beylus, with Tova Belsh, Hannah Farkas, Eli Hagler, Anthony Lugo, David Olivestone and Sara Pollak – who all played a part in designing and coordinating the event, including the t-shirts and caps, and the special give-away that was handed out to the crowds—a USB wristband with a link to Rabbi Burg introducing the “There’s an OU for You” video.