Batya Jacob, Director of NAJSSSCran a sensitivity workshop in Torah Day School in Atlanta, GA

Batya Jacob, Director of NAJSSSC (The National Association of Jewish Schools Serving Special Children, a division of Yachad) ran a sensitivity workshop in Torah Day School in Atlanta, GA, showing participants what it is like to have certain disabilities. One parent wrote:


My 6th grader informed me that Mrs. Jacob from Yachad visited her class.  She organized activities to demonstrate how individuals with different disabilities like autism, dyslexia and speech or motor problems experience the world.  What an incredible experience for the students to be given the gift of developing sensitivities to students who may have these problems in their classrooms, to have an opportunity to ‘walk in their shoes.’  I am impressed that Torah Day School of Atlanta is connected to Yachad and thought to bring one of their programs to our students.  Thank you so much for this experience.”


Our thanks go to Batya and to all of NJCD/Yachad for the exemplary work they do every day!