Yemei Ratzon Tefillah Audio Series – Speaker Form

We are honored to have you join the Yemei Ratzon Tefillah Audio Series.  During these uncertain times, as our synagogues and minyanim are undergoing significant transformation, it is particularly meaningful to be able to provide words of inspiration to enhance the tefillot of the Yamim Noraim in communities across the globe. 

 Please fill out the form below by Monday, August 3rd.

A list of topics and list of FAQs can be found at the bottom of this form. 

Tefillah Topics (topics currently available):

ר”ה: שמונה עשרה – קדושת היום

ר”ה: שחרית – לקל עורך דין

ר“ה: מוסף – היה עם פיפיות


יו”כ: ודוי – על חטא – פ- הסוף

יו”כ: שו”ע מוסף – קדושת היום

יו”כ: מוסף – מראה כהן



What should I  prepare? 
1. An audio recording approximately 10 minutes long (a “mini- shiur”)

2. Each speaker will submit 3 topic choices from the master list.  (We will do our best to accommodate your preferences.)

3. Audio presentation should address text of the tefillah and incorporate at least one source/ commentary.

4. Recording guidelines will be provided and our staff is available to answer any questions.

Is there an honorarium?
We have been able to secure a $100 honorarium for each audio presenter.

When must I submit the audio recording?
Submission date will depend on the date of your audio presentation.

Submission schedule:
August 10th (recordings 1-9)
August 17th (recordings 10-21)
August 24th (recordings 22  -31)

Do you have sample audio recordings I can listen to?
This series is modeled after our Counting Toward Sinai Tefillah Audio Series (Note: Yemei Ratzon audio recordings will be longer.) To learn more, please click here .

How will the audio shiurim be sent/posted?

1. Those who sign up for the OU Women’s Initiative Yemei Ratzon Ideas and Inspiration will receive a daily email with the audio recording/ tefillah of the day.  Over 1500 women registered to receive daily emails for our recent Counting Toward Sinai Tefillah Audio Series.

2. The recordings will also be uploaded onto the OU Women’s Initiative website as part of our Yemei Ratzon – Ideas and Inspiration program.

What are the next steps?

1. You will receive a confirmation email which will include:
a) Final topic and submission deadline.
b) Link to audio recording instructions (including a one line introduction and sponsorship text to be read at the conclusion of your recording.)

2. Speaker confirmation – We will ask you to reply to the email confirming the arrangements and to attach a picture and bio if we do not have it on file.