Virtual Summit 2021 Workshop Sign-up Marian Stern

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This workshop will offer recommendations for fundraising strategies in a post-pandemic world.  Combining discussion of Best Practices in Fundraising with analysis of current trends, it will offer information relevant for both novice fundraisers and those who have more experience.  The presentation will focus on individual philanthropy because individual giving accounts for 75%+ of all donations made in the United States annually.  It will cover such topics as what motivates donors to give, how to acquire new donors and how to sustain/grow current donors.  

In addition to providing recommendations for fundraising tactics, the session will train participants in “the ask”, providing language and suggestions for overcoming the fear often associated with soliciting others for money. 

The session will be highly interactive, allowing for Q&A throughout. 


Please note: To encourage and foster discussion and networking and to create a culture of respect for our presenters and participants, we request that you participate with video on.

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