On the Horizon: Counting Toward Sinai 2020


The Women’s Initiative is launching the third round of its pre-Shavuot scholar-in-residence program, Counting Toward Sinai this coming May. Over the last three years, the program has grown exponentially, starting with 10 communities in 2018, with over 40 synagogues registered to participate this year, in both the United States and Canada.

Counting Toward Sinai is designed to accomplish two main goals: guide synagogues in finding highly talented female scholars and give female scholars opportunities to speak in communities throughout the United States. As the Orthodox Union’s women’s education arm, the Women’s Initiative is dedicated to finding emerging female scholars in the Orthodox community and supporting scholars of all experience levels in securing meaningful speaking and teaching engagements. For many scholars, it’s an opportunity to speak to a  community outside of their zip code and time zone.

Counting Toward Sinai 2020 will take place the Shabbat of May 15-16, Parashat Behar-Bechukotai.