Grant 22 winners

Adas Torah    

Los Angeles, CA   

Focusing on a critical age group, programming is designed to re-engage middle school girls through a blend of social activities and learning opportunities with high school students and local educators serving as mentors.   

Anshei Sfard Kehillat Torah (ASKT)   

Milwaukee, WI   

Monthly events for women in the greater Milwaukee community will provide a forum to share challenges, build resilience and foster growth using the Layers Project as a framework for discussion. Programming will involve facilitated conversations and experiential activities through a Torah lens. 

Congregation Ohr Torah   

Edison, NJ  

Kashrut education for women of all ages through experiential learning. Multiple programs will combine learning of Hilchot Kashrut with hands-on cooking led by inspiring Jewish chefs to bring Kashrut to life.  

Congregation Ohab Zedek   

New York, NY   

Women In Network is an initiative to support and connect single women aged 35+. Monthly programming provides a context for Torah learning, Chesed, networking and self-care. Each month, participants will be paired to build and strengthen social networks.  

Dallas Torah Institute   

Dallas, TX 

The Jewish Women Business Leaders Networking Group is being established to strengthen business halachic knowledge and connect like-minded business leaders in the community. This project provides education and chizuk for frum women in the workplace.  

Great Neck Synagogue  

Great Neck, NY 

Unite GNS is a collaborative effort between GNS Bikur Cholim, Sisterhood and Youth committees designed to strengthen connections between generations. Through this chesed initiative, mothers and daughters create Chagim-oriented packages to be delivered to designated seniors or homebound members several times a year.   

Kivun Houston   

Houston, TX   

The program will provide multiple smaller size events to facilitate connections between women throughout the city of Houston.  Each program, in unique venues, will feature a creative activity and will be framed by the teaching of mitzvot bein adam l’echavaro, between man and his fellow.  Kivun Houston is an organization which serves as a unifying space for the diverse group of women across Houston. 

Mikvah Emunah Society   

Silver Spring, MD  

Through a series of in-person and Zoom presentations, the Women’s Unity series will educate women across the age-range about the role of mikvah in the community and the family. The program is designed to give chizuk and inspiration to women at different life stages about the centrality of mikvah and taharat hamishpacha in personal and communal life.   

Tzaddik Foundation   

Cote St. Luc, Quebec   

Montreal Women’s Community Musical aims to connect women and address real-life issues through a musical theater production that celebrates local talent in writing, music composition, acting, directing, dance, singing, producing and fine arts and crafts.  

Young Israel of Fair Lawn  

Fair Lawn, NJ   

A Women’s Shabbaton engages women through an immersive Torah learning experience for young mothers focusing on self-improvement, interpersonal relationships and chinuch.  The synagogue’s minyanim and programs are scheduled to assure that women are able to attend and benefit from the program.