Professor Shoshana Schechter

Moshe’s Last Lecture:

Profound and Lasting Messages from Sefer Devarim

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 8:00 PM EDT

Sources and Recordings

Source sheets and class materials:

Please have the source sheets available for class as Professor Schechter will not be sharing it on the screen.

Selections studied in class will be included in the source sheets.

If you prefer to read the sources in full, please bring the following sefarim:


Class #1: Tuesday, July 6

Introduction: The Last Lecture

Class #2: Thursday, July 8

The Sin of the Spies- A Cautionary Tale

Class #3: Tuesday, July 13

Introduction to Matan Torah Round 2

Class #4: Thursday, July 15

The Lasting Lessons Class #4



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Class #1: Tuesday, July 6

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Class #2 Thursday, July 8

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Class #3 Tuesday, July 13

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Class #4 Thursday, July 15

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