And the Beat Goes On…

We continue to receive many, many thank you’s from parents whose children attendedYachad Summer Programs. The smallest sampling follows:

• I have never seen our son as happy as he is now while on Yad B’ Yad in Israel. The pictures stir us to joyous tears. We saw him last Friday briefly before Shabbat. Thank you and the entire Yad B’ Yad team for giving us such happiness”
• My son and I just got back from taking my other son to the airport to meet the Yad B’ Yadgroup in Israel. The high school kids were so friendly and excited – there were even circles of dancing in the airport! The staff was clearly enthusiastic – hard to believe they just got off a plane!
• Our daughters have attended sleep away camp for years. We never dreamed our son could do so as well. Thank you Yachad, Camp Nesher; and a special thank you to the campers and counselors at Camp Nesher.
• Wow, Parents’ Day at Camp Morasha was terrific! Our daughter was so happy to be at camp, and I can’t speak more highly of Laura Fruchter and her entire staff of Morasha Yachad! The counselors are so sincere, warm and friendly – it was a pleasure to meet all of them.
• Just wanted to give you a little Nachas. We were up for visiting day yesterday and found the girl’s Camp Mesorah Yachad staff wonderful. (Our daughter) is B”H very happy and content and we really got glowing reports on her. I am so grateful for the job opportunity she has in camp where she is working with the kids in the Camp Mesorah Day Camp.
• We just wanted to take this time to thank you and all the Yad B’Yad Staff for an amazing summer. Our daughter had an amazing experience and it will remain with her for a lifetime. She made So many new friends and had so many meaningful experiences. We really appreciate all the effort and hard work that went into making this program so special.
• Thanks for this and for making this experience happen for (our daughter). She certainly had the time of her life and we are so grateful to you for what you do every day.

And on and on…

We recognize all those who have done such an exceptional job with Yachad Summer Programs, including: Dr. Joe Goldfarb, Director, Yachad National and Summer Programs;Nechama Braun, Administrator, Yachad Summer Programs; Ahuva Stern, Administrative Assistant, Summer and National Programs; and the program directors – Nicole Bodner(Yad B’Yad), Michelle Prus (Camp Mesorah Yachad), Laura Fruchter and Bracha Einhorn (Camp Morasha Yachad), Jamie Bunim (Camp Nesher Yachad), Lisa Rich(Camp Moshava Yachad), Rocky Verschleisser (Camp Lavi Yachad), Jillian Schutkin(Morris Sandelbaum High School Fellowship Program) and Yehuda Lerea (Camp Getaway).