Planned Giving

When you create a charitable gift annuity with OU, you and/or a loved one receive guaranteed fixed quarterly payments for life based on your age(s) and a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the donation.

You receive the annuity income for life and the remaining funds after your passing to establish your legacy with OU.


  • Establishing a gift annuity with appreciated stock may reduce capital gains.
  • A gift annuity is a creative way to meet the long-term financial needs of a spouse or another loved one.
  • If you want immediate tax savings but don’t need payments until later, you may choose a deferred annuity.
  • A portion of your annuity payments is tax-free.
  • The older you are when your annuity begins, the higher your payment rate.


  • Request a personalized illustration of your gift annuity options by emailing Paul Kaplan at
  • Minimum Gift Annuity to OU is $20,000 and minimum age(s) is 65.
  • Sign and return a simple contract.
  • Receive fixed quarterly payment for the rest of your life or the lives of up to beneficiaries.
Current Charitable Gift Annuity Rates
Single Life Two Lives
Age Rate Ages Rate
70 5.6% 70 5.0%
75 6.2% 75 5.5%
80 7.3% 80 6.2%
85 8.3% 85 7.3%
90 and older 9.5% 90 and older 9.1%


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