Crisis in Israel


Israel is under fire, and its children are suffering. There is something we can do about it, together.


Since the conflict began on Yom Yerushalayim, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists have fired many hundreds of rockets at Israel every day. Rioting and vandalism have horrified and traumatized previously tranquil communities. Fear and trauma are rampant amongst children in the targeted communities, and there is a vital need to provide meaningful interventions.


Why OU Israel?


Here is the very specific role that OU Israel plays in addressing this challenge:


OU Israel has two networks of youth centers in Israel, Makom Balev and The Jack E. Gindi Oraita Program. Through these centers and their incredibly dedicated leadership, staff, and volunteers, OU Israel works throughout the year with the youth, schools, and municipalities in 20 cities across the country. We service at-risk teens from diverse backgrounds, offering weekly meetings with advisors, recreational activities, pre-IDF counseling, Chesed opportunities, holiday programming, PTSD phototherapy courses, and much more.


Due to our longstanding and significant presence in these communities and the unique services that we offer, these cities have requested that we provide the critical assistance we have performed during and after past cycles of terrorism, including counseling for the youth, workshops for parents, art therapy, and more. To meet this increased demand, we have teams of OU Israel Youth Centers advisors and mental health professionals who are ready and prepared to deploy. With your assistance, they will be able to implement many forms of therapeutic programming, including individual counseling and group therapy sessions, art and photo therapy, summer respite activities, workshops for parents, and additional trauma training for staff.


What can you do to help?


We ask that you please give from your heart and donate to OU Israel’s Emergency Campaign.


Your meaningful support will allow us to do more for more children and families. We are grateful for your support.

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