Passover Food Campaign

You can make it possible for a family in need to celebrate Passover this year.

For many, Passover is a time of celebration, family, traditions, and favorite recipes. For others already struggling to put food on the table, is it a dreaded time of year when special, more expensive foods, are needed. They don’t know how they will feed their family, let alone keep the laws and traditions of the holiday.

The OU leverages its connections to shuls and communities across the United States to distribute Maot Chitim funds where they are needed most. All administrative costs are covered by the OU, so that EVERY DOLLAR raised by this campaign goes straight to local Tomchei Shabbos organizations, food pantries, and organizations that help single parents. By making a contribution to this fund, you can help us reach thousands of Jews in need and make their Pesach easier this year.

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