Planned Giving

Retirement Accounts and IRAs

Naming OU as a beneficiary of a retirement plan account or IRA is a smart way to give and save your family taxes.  Withdrawals from retirement accounts are usually fully taxable, no matter who receives the funds.  That is, unless you designate a tax-exempt entity like OU as a beneficiary.


Because OU is tax-exempt, 100 percent of your retirement account or IRA gift will go towards creating your legacy.


Certificates of Deposit, Bank & Brokerage Accounts, Life Insurance

Another simple way to have a lasting impact is to name OU as beneficiary of a certificate of deposit, bank or brokerage account or life insurance policy.


Donor-Advised Funds

Consider naming OU as a beneficiary of any contributions remaining in your donor-advised fund. Or, designate OU to receive a portion of the remaining account value, leaving the balance for your family or friends to continue your legacy of philanthropy.


Follow These Steps:

Start Your Legacy Today With A Charitable IRA Rollover Gift Did you know…. If you are age 70 ½ and older, you can make direct charitable contributions from your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) to OU without any tax consequences? As you may be aware, all IRA withdrawals are fully taxable.  A new law, though, makes it possible to direct up to $100,000 to OU or other nonprofit organizations a year with no income taxes being charged.  These Charitable IRA Rollover gifts additionally fulfill your annual IRA required minimum distribution and allow non-itemizers to receive tax benefits from gifts to OU. To use the Charitable IRA Rollover provision to make an immediate impact with OU: For more information about this exciting new way to give, please contact at OU or reach out to your IRA plan administrator.