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[pl. berachot]; a blessing given by one to another: G-d to Man, Man to Man, or Man to G-d. Two basic types within the latter category are “Birchot HaMitzvot,” blessings said to G-d basically in gratitude for the privilege of being given a commandment of His to perform; for example, “Blessed are You, O L-rd […]


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(English: Genesis); the first of the Five Books of Moses. It deals with the Creation of the Universe by G-d in Six “Days,” and his “rest’ on Shabbat, the Seventh Day. Adam, Original Man, is created; Chava, Original Woman and Adam’s wife, is created from him. They are blessed, and given dominion over the Garden […]


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Teachings of G-d to human beings.

Binyamin (ca. 1553 B.C.E. – ca. 1438 B.C.E.)

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Click on Sons of Yaakov for a general introduction to the lives of these individuals who constituted the original Jewish People. He was born on the 11th of Marcheshvan and lived one hundred fifteen years. (“Yalkut Shimoni,” Shemot 162) Binyamin was the second son of Yaakov and Rachel, and the twelfth and youngest son of […]

Birchat HaMazon

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Set of blessings that were formulated to be recited after a meal. Some of ideas are praise of G-d, Who supports His entire creation with what each creature needs for its existence, Who gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish People; Request for Divine mercy upon Yerushalayim, the Holy Temple, the Dynasty of King […]

Birchot Moshe – Blessings of Moshe

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Moshe Rabbeinu, faithful servant of HaShem and faithful shepherd of the Children of Israel, blessed the twelve tribes, and sometimes the founders of those tribes, on the last day of his life. The Torah details his blessings in the thirty third chapter of Sefer Devarim. Many years earlier, Yaakov Avinu had blessed his twelve sons on the last day of his life, as described in Bereshit (49:1-28)


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[m., pl. “Bitchonot”]; trust and confidence; feeling of security. The religious personality tries never to despair, “even when a sharp sword is upon his throat.” For this type of personality, “Emunah,” Belief, and “Bitachon,” Confidence, are always closely related. As it says at the end of the Tefilah “U’va L’Tziyon Goel,” “And a Redeemer shall […]


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[pl. Britot] – covenant; as in a covenant with G-d. The Jewish People has made several covenants with G-d. One is “Brit Milah,” or Circumcision, performed on a healthy male Jew at the age of eight days. Far from being a mutilation of the body, it is in fact a perfection of the body, and […]

Brit Milah

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[f.]; the Covenant of Circumcision that HaShem established with Avraham, and his descendants. Part of the meaning of this Covenant is that HaShem left His Creation “incomplete,” and it is the job of Man to “complete” the Creation; in particular, by acting to complete his own Creation by raising himself to a higher level of […]