Yael Lovett:

Since joining the fellowship program at the OU I have received a glimpse of what it means to dedicate yourself to serving your community. It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to meet so many wonderful people at the OU and be a part of an organization imbued with a positive, excited energy for helping others. Working as a junior software engineer, I have had the chance to collaborate on projects that are making a difference in Jewish lives around the world and be a part of a team filled with some of the most intelligent, creative, patient, and kind people I have every worked with. With their help, I have enriched my coding abilities and learned many practical skills that they don’t teach you in school, and that I will be able to take with me wherever I go next. In my cohort specifically, I have had the chance to work with other non-profit groups on the ground, making a difference. I have participated in building houses for those affected by natural disasters, helped run a pro-Israel rally, and many other amazing opportunities that would not normally be available to someone in my field. It has been a tremendous experience and I am excited to see what we fellows will do next.