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The OU Executive Fellowship is a prestigious cohort of young Jewish leaders.

Placed in entry-level roles in OU program and service departments, the Executive Fellows receive the opportunity to work within the leading Orthodox nonprofit organization in North America, in addition to rigorous professional development over the course of ten months.

The following are just some examples of potential impactful roles that an OU Executive Fellow can have within the OU network:

  • A full-time NCSY professional engaging in outreach in a North American community.
  • A regional coordinator of OU-JLIC Yavneh, mentoring and training student leaders within a particular geographic area.
  • A research assistant within the OU’s Center for Communal Research, advancing key learnings for the benefit of the broader community.
  • A local coordinator for the Teach Coalition, galvanizing the community behind important local political initiatives.
  • Yachad coordinator for local Shabbatonim, programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • An auxiliary engagement professional for an OU-JLIC Director couple on campus, helping them expand their reach to unserved populations.
  • A legal intern working with the General Counsel’s office and assisting with contracts reviews and sitting in on meetings with sensitive legal matters.

Fellowship participants are full members of departments to which they belong.  They are considered full-time employees, and in addition to their departmental functions, participate in the following:

  • Seminars on relevant issues by top level lay leaders and/or professionals (1-2 per month)
  • Cohort building retreats (at least two per year)
  • Networking events with Fellowship alumni and Jewish professionals.
  • Community conferences by other key organizations such as Federation or Torah U’Mesorah
  • Individualized mentorship by dedicated OU program staff, Fellowship alumni, and high achieving lay leaders

Ideal candidates are those willing to dedicate themselves to go beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of the job and fully dedicate themselves to the Jewish community. Fellows can participate from anywhere in the country, serving as representatives of OU programs and ambassadors for the Jewish community in their local areas, but will be required to attend in-person training and cohort-building.

It is critical that Executive Fellows see themselves not only as OU employees but as activists for the Jewish people.

Salary & Benefits: $40,000 on an annualized basis and a competitive benefits package.