Job Title: NCSY Day School Engagement Fellow

Description:  The Executive Fellow will work closely with Senior NCSY Leadership on developing and implementing programming as part of the overall Day School strategy.

Programs will be run out of the National office and in coordination with Rabbi Aryeh Wielgus and the NY/NJ Day School Programming team.  Programs can include existing vehicles towards meaningful engagement (4G programming, The Auburn Experience, Fabrengen, Relief Missions, Summer Programs, Summer Program Follow-Up), as well as new pilots (Expanded Yom Tov programming, boys equivalent to 4G, National Campaigns for Religious Growth, Greater JSU-Day School Interaction).

The Fellow will also be involved in strategic planning and evaluation discussions surrounding these programs.

Finally, the Fellow will be a liaison to other departments within NCSY where there is overlap with the Day School Engagement strategy.  Examples are the Digital Media launch and the 18forty platform.  Potentially, the fellow could also be involved in the growing number of cooperative efforts between NCSY and the other OU program departments (JLIC, Yachad, Torah Initiatives, and more)