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About this community

If you can – move to Israel.

If you can’t – move to Phoenix!

Great weather, great people, lots of shuls, schools, restaurants galore, job opportunities, a community


,  and affordable real estate. State taxes can be directed to the Jewish Tuition Organization. Lots of ways to make a difference in the community. A warm climate and a warm, laid back Jewish community. And when you need to get away – a quick car ride to LA!

Incentives for relocation

Free first year membership at selected synagogues

Assistance with job placement

Assistance with low down payment and low interest mortgages

Free Arizona Diamondback baseball tickets for anyone who moves within 6 months of the fair.


click here

to access the official 2015 Phoenix community booklet

Participated in Fair 2011, 2015


Phoenix is served by an active Arizona NCSY chapter, headed by
Chelsea Rosenberg (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 818-795-7788 Visit Web Site

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