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The Jewish community of Las Vegas / Peccole Ranch is the most developed out of town community. Unprecedented in most Western suburban areas, Young Israel is within walking distance of kosher groceries, shopping centers, 2 kosher restaurants, a multiplex movie theater complex, numerous upscale condominiums and apartments, as well as the Mesivta and Beit Midrash. Just blocks from our Shul are affordable homes that front lakes, the desert foothills, and several miles of peaceful shaded walking trails.

We are 15 minutes away from the magnificent Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain Ranch, where locals enjoy hiking, biking, and picnicking. Hoover Dam and Mt. Charleston are a short drive away. As most Las Vegans consider a 30-minute commute unreasonable, residents have more family time and less stress. The median price for a home in Las Vegas is $450K. There is no city or state income tax and the job market is strong, especially in the legal, health, and education professions.

The Las Vegas community boasts a full, Jewish infrastructure with 2 Day Schools, boys and girls high schools, 3 mikvaot, an eruv, 11 kosher restaurants, and plentiful kosher shopping.

The Young Israel Aish community is uniquely warm, close knit and welcoming. Our classes, services and programs engage an eclectic and multi-generational community.

Our thriving youth department builds a true love of synagogue attendance for young people from tots to teens.

Please join us for a Shabbat and become part of our vibrant community–a spiritual oasis in the desert!


• Affordable Apartment Rentals

• Affordable Homes/Co-ops

• Ashkenazi and Sefardi Daily Minyan

• Beit Midrash

• Eruv

• Job Opportunities

• Kollel

• Kosher Food Availability

• Kosher Dining

• Low Taxes

• Mikvah


• Retirement/Senior Living

• Yeshiva Elementary Day School

• Yeshiva High School

• Yoetzet Halacha

Participated in Fair 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022


Las Vegas/Peccole Ranch is served by an active Las Vegas NCSY chapter, headed by
Rabbi Yehuda Maryles (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 516 526-9749 Visit Web Site

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