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Looking for a community with the amenities of the tri-state area but the warmth and friendliness of a smaller town? Come join us in Elizabeth/ Hillside, a modern Orthodox community in central New Jersey. We are known for our chessed and hospitality and offer a wide range of shuls, schools from preschool through high school, community organizations, and kosher establishments, all in an affordable suburban setting.

Hillside and Elizabeth are only minutes apart by car, and are close enough to be walkable on Shabbos, encompassed by a single eruv. Elizabeth’s Elmora section is home to three shuls, the elementary and boys’ high school, an array of kosher restaurants (including a kosher Dunkin’ Donuts), a kosher supermarket, and a popular Shabbos Park. Nearby, Hillside’s Westminster section offers several shuls and the Bruriah High School for Girls, along with a new Shabbos Park and walking trails. In addition, the local YM-YWHA of Union County offers a full spectrum of services for the community, including day care (complete with kosher meals!), summer camp, children’s sports programs, exercise classes, and men’s and women’s swim hours. The Orthodox population ranges from Modern Orthodox to Yeshivish to Israeli Dati — yet we all engage as one cohesive community.

When it comes to professional opportunities, Elizabeth/ Hillside is in the heart of a robust job market, with an easy 30-minute commute to Manhattan by train or bus and access to major highways, mass transportation, airports, and more. We are close to many other large Jewish communities, such as Brooklyn (30 minutes away), Passaic/ Clifton (25 minutes), Teaneck (35 minutes), and more. Hillside and Elizabeth boast a wide range of housing options, with homes in move-in condition starting around $400K, making us one of the most affordable Orthodox communities in the area. On Shabbos, you can find community members out walking, children playing in each other’s backyards, and everyone enjoying our picturesque setting.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


• The Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ offers tuition grants for Jewish schools in the area, and Shul membership for the first year is free. JEC’s Gra Scholarship offers one year of free tuition per family who purchases a home in the area.


• Affordable Apartment Rentals

• Affordable Homes/Co-ops

• Eruv

• Job Opportunities

• Kollel

• Kosher Food Availability

• Kosher Dining

• Low Taxes

• Mikvah

• Retirement/Senior Living

• Special Needs/Disability Resources

• Tuition Vouchers/Rebates

• Yeshiva Elementary Day School

• Yeshiva High School

Participated in Fair 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022

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