Mrs. Esther Tokayer


Esther Tokayer is the rebbetzin of the Kingsway Jewish Center and the associate principal of Magen David Yeshivah Joe and Celia Esses High School, where she began her career education teaching Tanakh, History and Halakhah 28 years ago. Mrs. Tokayer studied at Michlalah Jerusalem College for Women after high school and then attended Brooklyn College for undergraduate school and New York University for graduate school. She has pursued her studies further in the B’nei Shaare Zion Torah Center and Nishmat. At the OU Women’s Initiative, Esther taught Sefer Tehillim 19-26 to over 5,000 women worldwide as part of the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi program. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Rabbi Etan Tokayer, and their three children.