This Program Is Dedicated By Richard And Debra Parkoff In Memory Of Richard's Parents Avraham Ben Yitzchak Hakohen, A"H And Rochel Bluma Bat Yehoshua, A"H

Victims of Terror

Hope Beyond Fear

Immerse yourself in a riveting roundtable discussion featuring victims of terror, offering an intimate insight into their experiences and sharing how they find hope beyond fear. This unique conversation is moderated by Sarri Singer, the founder of Strength to Strength, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting victims of terrorism and providing long-term psychological care.

The video will be available at the start of Tisha b’Av.

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Get to know our brave participants

Sarri Singer
Moderator and Participant
Sarri founded Strength to Strength, a nonprofit organization which focuses on bringing together victims of terrorism and assisting with long term psychological care.
In June of 2003, a Palestinian terrorist dressed as a religious Jew boarded Sarri's bus and detonated a bomb. Seventeen people were killed, including everyone that had been sitting and standing near her. Over 100 people, including Sarri, were injured.
Miriam Fuld
Miriam is the wife of Ari Fuld who was stabbed by a 16-year-old terrorist in Gush Etzion in 2018. Though mortally wounded, Ari neutralized the terrorist before succumbing to his wounds.
Meti Bentow
The shul in Copenhagen where Meti and her family lived was targeted in an antisemitic attack during her daughter's bat mitzvah celebration. An unarmed security guard and a family friend, Dan Uzan, was murdered.
Rena Ariel
Rena is the mother of Hallel Ariel, who was murdered at the age of 13 while asleep in bed by a 17-year-old Palestinian who broke into her home in the yishuv of Kiryat Arba.