Asher Weiss

Rav Asher Weiss shlit”a is among the most renowned and respected halachic authorities of our time. A true Gadol B’Yisrael and a leading Posek for the worldwide Jewish community, his unique blend of extraordinary Torah knowledge and profound insight brings thousands to hear his shiurim and seek his counsel.

Rav Weiss is a prolific author and has written tens of volumes of his “Minchas Asher” on Chumash, Shas, halachic responsa and beyond.

In addition, Rav Weiss is a Rosh Kollel, Av Beit Din and also serves as the posek for Shaarei Zedek hospital, responsible to answer questions that require a blend of Torah erudition, background in medical knowledge, and sensitivity to the issues involved. Rav Weiss has a deep understanding of today’s latest medical technologies and their halachic ramifications and routinely fields weighty questions in medical halacha from all corners of the Jewish world.

Rav Weiss is the Nasi of the Beit Medrash for Medical Halacha.

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