Articles from Torah in the City 2017:

NY1 NewsOrthodox Union Holds ‘Torah in the City’ at Citi Field

San Diego Jewish World,  A Sunday, a stadium, and … Torah study

The Jewish Week, “OU Hits the Field — Of Study, That Is”

Ami Magazine, cover story: “Taking the Reins at the OU” (available to subscribers only)

Yeshiva World News, “An Unprecedented Day Of Torah Learning, Inspiration And Thought-Provoking Discussion About The Future Of Orthodoxy”

Nachum Segal Network interviews Allen Fagin about Torah in the City

Nachum Segal Network interviews Moishe Bane about Torah in the City

Jewish Link, “Orthodox Union to Sponsor Day of Torah & More Indoors at Citi Field Convention Center”

The Jewish Standard, “Torah Learning at Citi Field”

The Jewish Link, “OU Presents Day of Torah Learning at Citi Field”, “Photos: 1,500 Gather at OU’s Torah in the City; Moishe Bane Inaugurated as President of the OU”

The Jewish Press, “OU’s Torah In The City Offers Blueprint For Future Events”

Jewish Link, “OU’s Torah in the City ‘Hits It Out of the Park”

The Jewish Standard, “OU sponsors ‘Torah in the City’”

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