Vayikra – Shlishi

Mincha Time

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

A mincha could also consist of flour and oil cooked in a pot. No matter how it was prepared, the kohein would first burn the appropriate portion, then the rest would belong to the kohanim. None of the flour offerings were allowed to be leavened or mixed with fruit juice. Dates and other produce are fine as first fruit offerings, but they don’t belong on the altar.

Flour offerings also had to be salted, as did animal sacrifices. (From here we derive our custom to dip bread in salt. Ironically, most people do this only on Shabbos but the Mishna Brurah discusses it as a regular part of the meal on weekdays – see MB 167:33.)

A korban mincha was to be brought from one’s first grain, as soon as it became ripe on the stalk. This would consist of whole roasted kernels ground into flour, then offered with olive oil and frankincense like other flour offerings.

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