Toldos – Shlishi

Well, Well, Well!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Yitzchak remained in Gerar, where he farmed for a living. He was especially prosperous, because G-d had blessed him. Yitzchak became wealthy and acquired many flocks, herds and servants. The local Philistines resented Yitzchak’s success, so they filled in the wells that Avraham had dug. Avimelech suggested that Yitzchak relocate since it was an embarrassment that this outsider was more affluent than the locals.

Yitzchak moved to a nearby valley and he re-dug his father’s wells, which had been sabotaged by the Philistines. Yitzchak re-named the wells with the same names Avraham had called them. (This incident is one of several in which events in Yitzchak’s life mirrored those in Avraham’s.)

Yitzchak’s servants also dug a new well, but the shepherds of Gerar fought with him over ownership of it. Yitzchak’s men dug another well and the shepherds fought with him over this one, as well. Yitzchak moved farther away and dug a third well. This time, they were far enough away that the people of Gerar did not fight with him over it. “Oh, good,” Yitzchak said. “Now we have room to grow!” (Loosely paraphrased.)

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