Naso – Rishon

Pipe and Drape

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Next, G-d had Moshe take a census of the family of Gershon between the ages of 30 and 50. Their job would be to carry the various draperies and coverings of the Mishkan. They would get their instructions from the kohanim, reporting directly to Aharon’s son Itamar.

G-d then had Moshe take a census of the family of Merari from age 30 to 50. They were responsible for the beams and pillars of the Mishkan. (Basically, Merari handled the pipe and Gershon handled the drape.) They also reported to Itamar.

The family of Kehos from 30-50 (whose census was commanded at the end of the previous parsha) came to 2,750.

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