Beshalach – Chamishi

Wait 'Til You See This!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Next, they moved to Elim, which had plenty of water and date trees. From there, they moved to the desert, where they started to complain about the food, or lack thereof. “If only we had died in Egypt!” they argued. “At least we could eat our fill there! Dying in the plagues would have been better than starving to death!”

G-d told Moshe not to worry; He would cause food to rain down each day, but the people had to demonstrate their faith by only taking a day’s worth at a time, except on Fridays. On Fridays, they had to gather a double portion, to last through Shabbos.

Moshe and Aharon told the Jews to expect to see great things. There would be meat in the evening and bread in the morning – and they should be ashamed of themselves for complaining against G-d!

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