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Inspiration & Perspiration
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Beethoven rose each morning at dawn and made himself coffee. He was fastidious about this: each cup had to be made with exactly sixty beans, which he counted out each time. He would then sit at his desk and compose until 2:00pm or 3:00pm in the afternoon. Subsequently he would go for a long walk, […]
Rabbi Weinreb’s Parasha Column, Tetzaveh
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“Receiving is Giving” There are lessons that one learns in life in the most unusual places. This certainly holds true for practical worldly matters. What is surprising is that even quite lofty spiritual lessons can be learned in settings far removed from the religious school classroom or the yeshiva study hall. Let me tell you […]
To Be Cloaked in Glory: Clothes, Modesty, Holiness
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As is often the case, we are presented with a pasuk which is, to all reasonable reading, very straightforward. The pasuk seems to be a statement that expresses all we need to know. And yet, there always seems to be a second pasuk which calls into question our immediate and straightforward reading. Such are the […]