Second Chances

Korban Pesach is one of two positive commandments which carries the punishment of Karet (perhaps not performing the korban Pesach cuts one off from membership in the Jewish people since Korban Pesach is what made us into a nation). The people who were unable to bring the Korban Pesach feel excluded from the nation (no mention had been made of karet with regard to Korban Pesach until now).

Is Pesach Sheni a makeup date (it only applies to one who was obligated in Pesach Rishon) or a separate holiday?

According to one opinion, the people who were tamei and couldn’t bring the Korban Pesach were the ones carrying Yosef’s coffin. The hope for redemption came from Yosef (פקד יפקד) thus how can Yosef’s bones be the cause of them missing out on its commemoration! Yosef gave the brothers a second chance, he forgave them for their heinous crime. Thus Pesach Sheni, an expression of second chances is revealed via the עצמות יוסף.

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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, June 13, 2019 (10 Sivan 5779)

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