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Purim: Serious Fun
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Yiddish, in many sectors of the Jewish community, is a dying language. This is a pity because of the many pearls of wisdom that are contained in Yiddish stories and folk songs.
Lives in Balance
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And Mordechai said to respond to Esther:  Do not imagine about yourself that you can escape in the house of the king from (the destiny) of the Jews.  For if you are silent at this time, relief and rescue will arise for the Jews from some other place and you and your father’s household will […]
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1 – One set of chains or two? ושתי שרשרת      כח:יד Immediately following the description of the eifod is a parsha comprised of three pesukim.  These pesukim talk about the chains that connected the choshen to the shoulder straps of the eifod.  Rashi learns that these chains described in this parsha are the very same […]