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New Lessons from the Sin of the Golden Calf
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And he said to Aharon: Take for yourself a calf, the son of a bull, as a sin offering and a ram as an Olah offering – unblemished ones. And offer them before Hashem. (Sefer VaYikra 9:2) 1. Aharon’s atonement for the Golden Calf In Parshat Shemini, the Torah continues its description of the initiation […]
Violence and the Sacred
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Judaism is less a philosophical system than a field of tensions – between universalism and particularism, for example, or exile and redemption, priests and prophets, cyclical and linear time and so on. Rarely is this more in evidence than in the conflicting statements within Judaism about sacrifices, and nowhere more sharply than in the juxtaposition […]
Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Tzav
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“The Practical Mystic” The world did not know that he was a mystic. He was an accomplished diplomat, who knew how to deal with people in positions of great power. Some characterized him as a shrewd, and even manipulative, manager of men. His name was Dag Hammarskjold, and he was the second Secretary-General of the […]