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Making Room for Hashem
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Raban Shimon ben Gamliel says: On three things the world stands – upon justice and upon truth and upon peace. (Tractate Avot 1:18) 1. Appreciation of others’ kindness to us as a central Torah value Our Sages tell us of the importance of acknowledging kindnesses performed by others from which we benefit. If we benefit […]
Surviving Failure
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Bereishit ends on a sublime note of reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers. His brothers were afraid that he had not really forgiven them for selling him into slavery. They suspected that he was merely delaying his revenge until their father died. So after Jacob’s death they express their fear. Joseph however insisted: “Don’t be […]
Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column: Vayechi
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They called him a horse thief. That was the worst possible epithet that one could hurl at a young man in the early 19th-century shtetl, or village, of Czernovitz. Back then, a horse was a very necessary item, and many of the townspeople spent all of their hard-earned savings to procure one. Losing one's horse often meant losing one's livelihood.