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Parshat Chayei Sarah: Where was Avraham?
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“And Sara died in Kiryat Arba which is Chevron in the land of Canna’an. And Avraham came to eulogize Sara and to mourn over her.” (Bereshit 23:3) Our parasha begins with the death of Sara. The Torah tells us that Sara passed away in Chevron and that Avraham came to eulogize and to mourn her. […]
Avraham: Something for Everyone
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It’s one of those quaint things that many of us grew up with, even as we had no clue why it was and how to process it. I refer to a woman named Keturah, a detail in the epilogue of our parsha – an apparent footnote in a major transition between Avraham and Yitzchak. The […]
Passionate Judaism
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Passionate Judaism: The Yiddishe Kishke - The latest episode of The Good Vort, presented by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kosher Education. Recorded live at a OU World Headquarters in NY, NY on October 20, 2010.