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Haftarah for Lech L’cha
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Don’t think that G-d is unaware or that He ignores the reward of the righteous. G-d is everlasting and untiring – there’s simply no way we limited beings can understand His ways. He gives strength to the weary. Those who put their faith in G-d will have renewed vigor, as eagles’ wings. They will walk […]
Covenant and Conversation – A Tale of Four Cities
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Noach – 9 October 2010 – 1 Marcheshvan 5771 Between the Flood and the call to Abraham, between the universal covenant with Noah and the particular covenant with one people, comes the strange, suggestive story of Babel: Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. As men moved eastward, they found a […]
Haftarah for Noach
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Isaiah compares Jerusalem to a barren woman, but he tells her to rejoice because the barren one has more children than the fertile one (referring to other nations that were not overrun). Jerusalem is told to make room for all her children, who are coming. They will spread out east and west, taking back other […]