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Parshas Ki Sisa
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1 – Lashon Nekiyah The Ramban explains that the expression “machatzis ha’shekel b’shekel ha’kodesh” is to be understood in the context of the Biblical shekel’s status of being employed to establish requisite values for arachin, pidyon ha’ben, the Mishkan, and every monetary value prescribed in the Torah. That, explains the Ramban, is why it is […]
The Sabbath: First Day Or Last?
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In the immensely lengthy and detailed account of the making of the Tabernacle, the Torah tells the story twice: first (Ex. 25:1 – 31:17) as Divine instruction, then (Chs. 35 – 40) as human implementation. In both cases, the construction of the building is juxtaposed to the command of the Sabbath (31:12-17; 35:1-2). There are […]
The Hindu Princess and the Golden Calf
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She was a Hindu princess. She was one of the brightest students in my graduate school class. We studied psychology, and she went on to return to her country and become a psychotherapist of world renown. For our purposes, I shall refer to her as Streena. We were a class of 12, and except for […]