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Shemini & Parah 5776
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Cows in the first part of the sedra for KORBAN Cow in the second part of the sedra for eating Cows in the Maftir for the Potion of the Ashes of the Red Heifer That’s a lot of cow!
Parshat Ki Tisa 5776
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From the Highest – The Mikdash and everything in it and about it to the lowest – the Sin of the Golden Calf back up to forgiveness and the 13 Divine Attributes with a bit of meat & milk thrown in to the pot (but only figuratively)
Parshat Yitro 5776
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What’s Yitro doing between the Splitting of the Sea and the Sinai Experience? To whom was the Ten Commandments and the Torah given? (What’s the common factor of the Beverly Hillbillies and NCIS?)   TTA for Parshat Yitro