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TTA for Re’eh 5777
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MITZVOT GALORE After Moshe’s review of the basics and early history – D’varim, Va’etchanan, Eikev. We now enter the ‘meat’ of D’varim with 170 of 613 mitzvot in three sedras. A focus on the many facets of Kosher eating.
TTA for M&M
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Start with the two sides of Vows Brief mention of the battle against Midyan FOCUS: Ramban’s mitzva #4 – YISHUV ERETZ YISRAEL The mitzva to live in Israel
TTA for Chukat 5777
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THIS is the quintessential CHOK of the Torah. A look at the mitzvot of the Red Cow, ritual defilement from contact with a dead body, the nature of enigmatic mitzvot in general, and the element of CHOK in all mitzvot. And what it says to us about our way of life and commitment to G-d […]