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Parshat Toldot 5777
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A talk about the Jewish Calendar (today was Rosh Chodesh) And a note about rain on Rosh Chodesh Kislev plus Yitzchak, the vital link to the Chain of Tradition. Like his father, but very different in another important way. TTA for Parshat TO-L’DOT
Parshat Vayeilech 5777
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Vayeilech – Shabbat Shuva A look at the two mitzvot in Vayeilech, a glipse into the haftara of Shuva and the Shuva passage from last week’s sedra, RH & YK’s Aleinu and Aleinu of every day, same for the bookends of the Amida everyday. And what Yom Kippur should accomplish within each of us.
Parshat Shoftim 5776
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Law and Order Not just the opening theme music but the real idea behind Shoftime v’Shotrim The show looks at the package deal of Torah Law (including the Written Word and the Oral Law and Tradition) and Rabbinic Law (backed by the Torah) and practice and custom that have evolved throughout the generations.