Rabbi Weinreb's weekly email includes a personal message as well as his Parsha column.

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Rabbi Weinreb’s Torah Column, Parshas Tezaveh
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People are motivated by many things. The search for pleasure is certainly one of the great motivators of human beings. So are the search for power and the search for riches. There are also those among us who seek to be liked by others, to the extent that the search for adulation is their primary motivation in life.
Rabbi Weinreb’s Torah Column, Parshat Terumah
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The Missing Tzedakah Box It was a cold winter, all over the world. It was the year 1991, and it was the time of the great Gulf War. Scud missiles were falling upon towns and cities throughout the State of Israel. To say that times were tense would indeed be an understatement. The city of […]
Rabbi Weinreb’s Torah Column, Parshas Vayigash
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This has got to be one of the oldest "rabbi" jokes in the entire repertoire of American Jewish humor. It tells us of the young rabbi, fresh from rabbinical school, who addresses his first several sermons to his new congregation on the varied subjects of meticulous Sabbath observance, refraining from malicious gossip, honesty in business, and the avoidance of inappropriately familiar behavior with other men's wives.