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Zachor: An Enemy on Many Fronts
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Three very different individuals inspired me to write this week’s column. One was a newspaper editor who “dared” to censor a sentence in one of my submissions. The other was a very wise sage whose pre-Purim lecture I was privileged to hear many years ago. And the third was an anonymous Jew who was fond […]
Pekudei: The Way of the World
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Many people have a misconception about Judaism that impedes their ability to take our religion seriously and to commit to living the Jewish way of life. Let me tell you about one such person and about the conversation that I had with him. Let’s call him Richard. Richard was a very dedicated participant in a […]
Culture, Counter-culture, and Creativity
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It was quite a few years ago that I spent almost every Sunday afternoon in one of the great museums of the city in which my family then lived. I no longer remember what first stimulated my interest in art, and specifically in the type of art known as Impressionism.  But I know that I […]
Clothes Make the Man
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My interest in the relationship between a person and his or her clothing goes back to my early days in graduate school. I was taking a course on human personality, under the tutelage of a remarkably insightful and erudite woman, Dr. Mary Henle. I was so enthusiastic about the courses that I took with her […]
Terumah: One of the Angels
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My grandmother was one of the angels. Like every Jewish grandmother, she loved each and every one of her grandchildren. As her oldest grandchild, I believed that I was surely her favorite. But I eventually discovered that my siblings and cousins were all equally convinced that they were her favorites. She had a way of […]
Mishpatim: Careers
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"What do you want to be when you grow up?" That was once the standard question to ask an eight- or nine-year-old when trying to make conversation with him or her. Somehow, every child had an answer, which ranged from "fireman" to "football player" to "nurse."