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Moshe Rabeinu: To Grow, To Become Great
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New parents are always filled with excitement and apprehension.  This new child, their responsibility, is an amazing disruption.  Yes, disruption.  Nothing about their lives will be as it was.  What a newborn makes eminently clear, as Rav Shimon Shkop writes in his classic, Shaarei Yosher, is that human beings are essentially selfish.  When a newborn […]
Heasfu – Assemble Yourselves!
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Schechina rests only upon one in a state of simcha… 2017 dawns on an age in which anger, negativity and personal animus is spiking across the nation and the world.  Disturbingly, this same trend seems to be etching its way ever deeper into our own Orthodox community.  For more and more Orthodox the sine qua […]
A Mile in His Shoes
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How beautiful are thy feet in sandals… (Shir Hashirim 7:2) We are all blessed with gifts bequeathed to us by those who walked before us.  For some, those gifts have practical value – a business, real estate holdings, a trust fund.  For others, the gifts speak to the soul.  They are gifts of knowledge, insight […]