Hosea 14:3

קְחוּ עִמָּכֶם דְּבָרִים וְשׁוּבוּ אֶל ה' אִמְרוּ אֵלָיו כָּל תִּשָּׂא עָו‍ֹן וְקַח טוֹב וּנְשַׁלְּמָה פָרִים שְׂפָתֵינוּ

Take words with you and return to Hashem. Say to Him, “Forgive all sin and accept that which is good. We will offer our lips in the place of bulls.”

As part of the preliminary morning service, we pray that G-d accept our prayers in lieu of sacrifices, citing this verse from Hoshea. The Radak explains that in order to return to G-d, He doesn’t ask us for gold or silver. All He requires is a sincere expression of remorse for our wrongdoings and an honest desire to return to Him. This is what is meant when we ask Him to accept “that which is good.”