Psalms – Chapter 48

Monday, Monday

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

This is no doubt the most familiar Psalm by the sons of Korach, as it is recited each week as the Psalm of the Day for Monday.

The author states that G-d is great and He is rightly praised very much. He will be all the more praised when Jerusalem and the Temple stand in all their glory. Jerusalem and the Temple mount are the most beautiful place on Earth; because of all the atonement that can be granted there, they bring joy to the world. David praises the north side, referring to the northern side of the altar, where sacrifices atoning for sin were offered.

G-d’s Presence will be fully felt in Jerusalem. Kings will assemble to attack (possibly referring to the war of Gog and Magog), but they will be shocked by G-d’s deeds and disperse. He will drive them out to sea and smash their ships. We have seen the prophecies come to pass – may G-d establish His city forever!

We hoped for G-d’s kindness in His Temple, but we received it to the ends of the Earth! His praise is as limitless as His Name and He has righteousness in His strong right hand. Jerusalem will rejoice in G-d’s judgments. The people will survey the city in order to build her up. They will recount the beauty of Jerusalem to their descendants. G-d was with us then and He will be with us in the future; He will lead us in this world and in the Next World.

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