Psalms – Chapter 143

David Keeps It To Himself... Mostly

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Continuing the theme of the previous Psalm, David asks G-d to hear his prayers and to answer him because of G-d’s own inherent goodness, rather than because of any merits on David’s part. Because he is human, David has also sinned; he asks that G-d not judge him now, in his time of peril. Besides, David has already been punished plenty, in the form of his pursuers, who have made his life pretty miserable.

David is emotionally drained from all his trouble. Then, he remembers “the good old days” and the miracles G-d wrought for the Jews. He learns Torah and “studies up” on G-d, then he prays for the salvation he needs. David hopes for a speedy reply, otherwise his end is near! G-d should please point out the way to safety and rescue him.

David doesn’t let anybody know how desperate he is; he only confides in G-d. All he wants is to learn G-d’s will so that he may perform it. (Of course, the necessitates surviving to do so!) If G-d delivers David from his enemies, he will praise G-d’s Name in the sight of all. If G-d eliminates David’s pursuers, David will be free to serve Him.

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