Proverbs – Chapter 5

Friends, Israelites, Countrymen...

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Solomon asks the student to lend an ear to his teachings. If you learn to watch your internal thoughts, then your speech will always be wise. The “strange woman” (the anthropomorphism of heresy, as in chapter 2) may seem smooth, but in the end you’ll find “her” bitter and as sharp as a double-edged sword. Following her leads to destruction. Solomon urges the reader to listen to him and stay away from this “seductress.” You don’t want to waste your life and efforts serving a lost cause; if you do, you’ll ultimately regret it and say, “What was I thinking? How could I not have listened to the wisdom of Torah?”

Instead of that fate, drink from the “spring” of wisdom that G-d has given us. If you do, your own springs of wisdom will overflow to others (students). The source of your water (Torah) will be blessed and you’ll rejoice with the learning you acquired in your youth, compared here to a bride; you will always delight in her love.

So why go off with the strange woman (heretical ideas)? Our choices are right in front of G-d and He can see our merits and our flaws. The wicked will be strung up by the ropes of their own actions. This is what happens to one who is too foolish to embrace wisdom.

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