Job – Chapter 23

Maybe Job Should Hire a Process Server?

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Job responds to Elifaz:

“Even after everything that you’ve said, and venting as much as I have, I’m just as upset as I was when we started! I wish I knew where I could find G-d so that I could confront Him! I would lay out my case before Him and, even if He prevented me from speaking, I’d love to know what He has to say! Even if He afflicts me, He will not intimidate me into shutting up because I am innocent and I intend to prove it. But I look East, West, North and South and I cannot find Him.”

“G-d knows I am innocent, which is why He won’t meet with me. I have kept all of His will, treasuring His word more than I do my own daily bread. G-d is the ruler of all, no one will speak up before Him, and whatever He desires is what occurs. He will keep punishing me until He’s finished, just as all His plans for mankind see their fruition. So when I think about His ways, yes, I get scared. What He’s done to me has certainly ‘put the fear of G-d’ into me! I must say, I’m amazed that He’s done all this and it hasn’t killed me yet!”

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