Job – Chapter 10

"I Hate My Life"

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Job continues his reply to Bildad the Shuchite:

“I hate my life and I cannot help but speak my piece. I will tell G-d not to afflict me like this without at least explaining why. How does it benefit Him to oppress me like this? G-d’s vision is not limited as a man’s is, so He can see with certainty that I’m innocent! He knows this, so why does He choose to afflict me?”

“G-d made me,” Job continues, “and He will return me to the ground. He formed me from a drop, even though I had done nothing to deserve it – THAT was a kindness! But since then, He has decided to ruin my life. If I have ever sinned, He has apparently saved it all up to punish me for everything at once. G-d must really have it out for me to pursue me so vigorously.”

“G-d keeps changing the afflictions that He’s using to testify against me,” Job says. “I take them all in shifts. So why did He have to create me? It would have been better not to be born at all. Life is short, so I wish He’d lay off me a little. I’ll be dead soon enough, never to return.”

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